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In the modern education system, revolutionary changes in education technology have changed the overall outlook of schooling. Now teacher plays a different role. She is acting as resource person rather than a traditional classroom teacher with chalk and blackboard.

In PM Public School

New experiments and methods are being tried out to facilitate the pupils the best learning environment in the classroom. Group teaching method is one of them. The students are divided into groups of 6-8 students. Almost all type of students from high achievers to slow learners is taken in each group. Number of groups depends on the number of students in the class. We have certain methodology to be followed

Easy Classroom Management

It is much easier to manage the bulky classroom if it is divided into groups. Each group has a leader and co-group leader and they may be instructed to mind their groups. Different activities can be assigned to the groups and the group leaders may act as coordinators. Thus the teacher may save a lot of time and energy in the classroom control and utilize it, to make creative task or activities for the students.

Good Inter-Student Relationship

Teacher is not the only source of learning, for the students. Learning is a continuous process and students learn a lot of things in their peer groups. The group teaching method provides an opportunity to interact with the group and other students in the classroom and students learn without any outer pressure. It is a shift from make him learn to let him learn.

Healthy and Competitive Learning Environment

The group leaders and co-group leaders are not selected permanently. These posts are rotated among the group members. Each member of the group is given chance to become Group Leader for one month as per his/her overall performance in the classroom. Co-leaders are selected in rotation for one week. Even low performers are given chance to enact as co-leaders. Thus, each member of the group tries his/her best to improve performance so that he/she may become group leader next month. The best group title is awarded every month and this helps to improve inter-group performance of the students. Collective efforts of a group to go ahead of another group, creates a healthy and competitive learning environment in the classroom. A-graders are awarded STARS. Other students work hard and try their best to perform well to get STAR badges.

Learning by Teaching Among Students

The group teaching method promotes self study and helps peers to learn. The high achievers of the group teach the slow learners of their groups so that the group can compete with other groups in the classroom. This helps the high achievers to retain their learning and develops better understanding of concepts and on the other hand the slow learners get individual attention for better performance.

Best for Bulky Classrooms

Group study method is best for huge classrooms where the teacher is unable to give individual attention to each and every student in the classroom. Especially in such a case where mental level of the students is not similar. In Group Teaching Method, teacher acts as supervisor and facilitator. Paying attention to weak students as well as high achievers is much easier in group teaching method.

Activity Oriented Teaching in Groups

It is not possible to involve the whole class in any activity at once. In Group Teaching Method, small groups can be given different activities and individual participation in the activity can be assured. Each member of the group can be assigned a specific task to complete and thus the Group Teaching Method emphasizes on Activity Oriented Teaching-Learning Process in the classroom.

Learning more than Teaching

Learning is a continuous process. Teacher is to facilitate such an environment where the process of learning can be pushed in the right direction. Teaching in group emphasizes on learning more than teaching. Student Interact with each other and learn in their peer groups.